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Welcome, my name is Karlene.  I started this site as a way to share information I am learning about finances, via my personal finance blog.  I intend to write about money, debt, personal development, and other subjects I find appealing that affect our wealth/well-being.  Since change begins in the mind I will devote more time to personal development/self-improvement than any other area.

It is my belief that to eliminate our current debt (I prefer the word “obligation” over debt) and create or support a wealthy lifestyle we need to address our thinking about money, debt and wealth.  Therefore, I am pleased to have learned from my friend Bryan Sykes https://www.linkedin.com/in/bryanbsykes the root word of wealth, which is “weal/wele,” the old English term, which means “well-being.”

This makes much sense to me, because money is important and necessary.  But, when we die we cannot take money or material things with us; hence, the subtitle transcending money.

I will do my best to share useful information and resources.  I encourage helpful discussion and commentary so that we might all learn and grow.

If You Need Help, Seek a Professional

However, if you feel that you need help of any kind (financial or otherwise), this is not the place for such assistance; please seek out a professional in your area.

I plan to post at least once per week, on Wednesdays.  I intend for this to be a dialogue.  To stimulate your participation in any conversation on this blog I welcome considerate thoughts, experiences, and/or expertise in the comments section.

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If you have a topic you would like me to address, please enter it in the comment box.  I look forward to connecting with you, and to us growing together in wealth/well-being.